It’s exciting to see our pictures illustrating three features in this month’s issue of Westchester Magazine, and Doug Schneider’s beautiful photograph of a family in Dobbs Ferry made the cover!

Doug photographed the “Best Places to Live” feature, as well as the reopening of the White Plains eatery Pax Romana, seen below center.

Dan Sagarin spent an inspiring hour with centenarian yogi Tao Porchon-Lynch, who’s “extraordinary life has taken her from walking alongside Gandhi, to vying with Marilyn Monroe as an MGM starlet, and, at age 88, to becoming a world-famous ballroom dancer.”

westchester mag_II.jpg


Welcome to our new website. As photographers, we're always refining the way we share our work. Always updating portfolios, wishing our message was just a little bit clearer, simpler, somehow more perfect. Of course, there's really no right answer and that's the challenge.

I remember once telling a veteran New York photographer that I was working on my portfolio. A grave look came over his face. He paused. "It never ends," he's said.

Goodbye old site . . . you really weren't bad :) 

Goodbye Mohican 2.0

Goodbye Mohican 2.0