Old friends, Dan Sagarin and Doug Schneider, with complimentary backgrounds in photography, have joined forces to collaborate at Mohican Studios.

Dan (L) & Doug

Dan (L) & Doug


Dan Sagarin has a background in documentary and portrait photography. His community-oriented projects have been exhibited in both New York and San Francisco

Montana, 2018, Dan Sagarin.

Montana, 2018, Dan Sagarin.


Doug Schneider is a frequently published food and portrait photographer with long tenures working at Getty Images and as Benchmark Education Company's Director of Photography.


The Red Rooster, Doug Schneider Photography.


Our name, Mohican, makes reference to Doug’s former Dobbs Ferry home, on Mohican Park Boulevard. It’s where we began.

When Doug’s family moved, in 2015, his house on the suburban, kid filled, dead end street was empty. We decided, for fun, to turn it into a temporary photo studio and, without realizing it, started something. Our name reminds us of our ever unfolding path.

Since then we’ve evolved. Today at Mohican Studios, we typically create studios on location and bring our varied work experience to meet the needs of clients. Businesses and organizations, large and small, use our photographs to share who they are and what they do, to communicate with an audience.

We approach every subject with heart; always trying to discover something real, touch the spirit beneath the surface, and thereby create authentic and lasting images. When carrying a bit of truth, photographs do speak volumes.

Mohican Park Boulevard, 2015.

Mohican Park Boulevard, 2015.



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Our services are always tailored to individual client needs, so please view the below prices as starting points and contact us for a quote.

Our email address is

We offer discounts to schools, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

Our Corporate Day/Half Day rates are 3800/1800$

Headshots are 400$/Individual Session, lower pricing for groups of 3 and more, plus travel expenses.

Events are 400$/hr for first 3hrs, subsequently 300/hr

Small Business/local product 250/hr