He’s a great dentist in White Plains, NY, an old friend, and a mensch. So, when he asked us to make a little promotional video we couldn’t say no, despite not having much “moving image” experience.

We were able to shoot this because, these days, the cameras we use for photography can also shoot video. We already have the lenses, and know how to let in the light, so we gave it a shot. Our first video. Thank you Dr.S, you are the man . . . .


Ursula Hansberry, 2019, by Dan Sagarin

Ursula Hansberry, 2019, by Dan Sagarin

HUDCO is a beautiful co-work facility in Dobbs Ferry, NY, where approximately 100 Rivertown NY professionals share office space and connect. It’s awesome!


On Saturday MOHICAN partner Doug Schneider produced the first HUDCO After Dark, a live music series featuring local performers. It was a great success by any measure, and featured the golden-voiced 19 year-old singer/songwriter Ursula Hansberry (pictured above), and Brazzaville.

Listen to Ursula here, you’ll love her . . .



It’s exciting to see our pictures illustrating three features in this month’s issue of Westchester Magazine, and Doug Schneider’s beautiful photograph of a family in Dobbs Ferry made the cover!

Doug photographed the “Best Places to Live” feature, as well as the reopening of the White Plains eatery Pax Romana, seen below center.

Dan Sagarin spent an inspiring hour with centenarian yogi Tao Porchon-Lynch, who’s “extraordinary life has taken her from walking alongside Gandhi, to vying with Marilyn Monroe as an MGM starlet, and, at age 88, to becoming a world-famous ballroom dancer.”

westchester mag_II.jpg

Banshee's Sister


We met on this hill. I was there to make a picture of the Catskill mountains. She was walking her Dog. One of the things I truly love about being a photographer is the opportunity to engage when you otherwise wouldn’t. We connected. Banshee is the dog.